The Project

Cailíní Secret was thought up and created by Irish women for Irish women. We understand that one of our strengths, our ability to get on with things without making a fuss, can also be a weakness. In times of unhappiness, distress or life difficulty, many of us keep it to ourselves and don’t seek support.

In July 2016, the artist Frank Warren gave his encouragement and wished us “good luck”. We had been deeply inspired by his 2005 project ‘PostSecret’. In this group art project, thousands of complete strangers posted him their deepest secrets. These were then showcased in a book and art exhibition curated in the United States. Touched by what we’d seen, we were compelled to try something similar within London’s Irish community. We began to invite London dwelling cailíní (Irish women) to share their secrets with us, anonymously. The women could confess anything: regret, betrayal, desire or a childhood memory. It only had to be true.

Over the next eight weeks we distributed 2000 blank postcards to cailíní. The ensuing events were beautiful and humbling. Slowly at first, secret by secret, the postcards were returned to us. On each one a personal confession was scribbled; a hidden truth, concealed until this moment.


About us

Me, Aoife.

Cailíní Secret is was run by a group of Irish women led by myself, Aoife. It was project managed by Camden’s Mental Health Wellbeing Hub, and is part of a wider community project funded by Camden CCG.

If you are interested in joining us, then we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Please get in touch by phone [020 7278 4437 and ask for Aoife or Kumar] or by email []. Or if you want to help but don’t have much time, then just spread the word!

This site

We’ve aimed to make this site super simple. It mainly links to our social media where we’re most active. Additionally on this website we point you towards things you can do and places that offer support. We encourage you to pick up the phone and give something a go.