The Book

book 1 The Cailíní Secret book holds 76 secrets. Some have been decorated by the author, others have been decorated by other cailíní upon the request of the author. As you read each secret, we ask you to pause and consider the stories of these women. You may find that some of these secrets reflect your own experiences. Often, that which we conceal, afraid it may be ugly or abnormal, is the very thing we share in common. Perhaps these stories can strengthen and unite us.

We hope that through unearthing their secret, each woman feels a little lighter, a little less burdened. We hope that, as you read them, these stories encourage you. After all, no one is alone in what they feel.

How do I get a copy?

We’ve worked very hard to ensure that the first print run of 2,500 books is completely FREE!

book 2We are distributing them on a first come, first served basis with Camden dwelling Cailíní getting first dibs.  (Don’t let that put you off if you live elsewhere – there are plenty to go around!)

If you live in London, you can grab a copy by popping into the London Irish Centre or Camden Hub. Alternatively, if you’d like us to post a book out to you, we’d be happy to do so – you’ll just need to cover the cost of postage:

Camden = Free postage
UK = £1.71 per book
R. Ireland = £5.15 per book

The book is beautiful, powerful and of very high quality. Our single aim is to get them into as many hands as possible.

All we ask in return is that you share a few details with us (including the address you’d like us to send the book to). We will keep your information strictly private, and it will not be shared with anyone, promise! We will use it to randomly contact 50 cailíní, inviting them to share their thoughts about book and the topics within. So please, only complete the form if you are happy that we may get in touch.

So, if you’d like a copy…

1) Use the PayPal buttons below to make your postage contribution

UK address (outside of Camden)? Postage cost is £1.71. Pay using the button below:



R. Ireland address? Postage cost is £5.15. Pay using the button below:



2) Then complete the super short form below and we’ll get a copy in the post for you.

  • If you are randomly chosen, it'll only be a 10 min chat with one of our friendly Cailíní Secret team members! 🙂
  • This is where we'll send the book.